About Cryptigo 

About Cryptigo

Cryptigo provides S/MIME related products, tools and consulting services not only for secure mail applications, but in every environment, where secure data storage and transfer is crucial.

Founded in 2004, as a division of ppu VAS, the creator of p7mViewer 3.0 and other S/MIME solutions, Cryptigo inherited the mother company's experience, qualified staff and customers' trust.

From the moment of its foundation, Cryptigo has been actively supported by the High-Technology Accelerator of University of Lodz and its partner, the University of Texas, within the Offset Program between Lockheed Martin and the Government of Poland.

Cryptigo distributes its products globally using the Internet to thousands of customers in over 50 countries. Cryptigo's corporate headquarter is located in Lodz, Poland.

From 2013 Cryptigo is a trademark and the property of Vital PPHU

Cryptigo participated in the High-Technology Accelerator of the University of Lodz
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