When you receive electronic mail from your spouse, it can be unreadable in webmail because it has been digitally signed. You can only see a smime.p7m attachment. Now you can open the e-mail with p7mViewer - the secure mail viewer

Why do I get smime.p7m files instead of normal mail?

How can I read smime.p7m files in Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail etc. Webmails?

How do I install p7mViewer?

Can I use Family Licenses at work?

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Navy Family Licenses 

Inform your friends about Family Licenses program!

The Navy Family License Program is coordinated by Cryptigo distributor in the US, VP Technologies, LLC.

Call VP Technologies toll-free at 866.204.6183 for information on conditions of obtaining a Navy Family 60 day trial License for individual users and organizations.

VP Technologies, LLC
210 Township Line Road
Jenkintown, PA 19046
215.517.7639 (T)
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